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Hands Together

Journey Back to Yourself

Our Commitment to Your Wellness

Restore, Refine & Renew


At Artistry Wellness Hawaii we are committed to your wellness. We are your partner in your journey back to yourself. We believe in creating an individualized, multi-modal treatment plan together to help you achieve your aesthetic and wellness goals. 

Why multi-modal? Multi-modal treatments involve using a combination of treatments that together deliver better results than we would achieve by just using one or two. For example, neurotoxin and fillers can provide a great preventative foundation and instant correction/enhancement for most, but if we can layer in treatments that improve skin quality (regenerative therapies, collagen stimulations and medical skincare ; tighten and lift (radio frequency, plasma & PLLA threads); improve texture (CO2 laser, radio frequency, microneedling and medical skincare); reduce pigmentation (PICO laser, chemical peel and medical skincare) and also make skin appear brighter and more youthful (injectable skin healer/booster, medical facial and medical skincare) we are then going to potentially achieve spectacular results that look very natural and longer lasting.


We designed our multi-modal treatment plan in three simple steps:

1. Prime, Revive & RESTORE

2. Treat, Accentuate & REFINE

3. Maintain, Enhance & RENEW


Everyone experiences collagen loss as part of natural aging. We begin our journey together with priming your skin with the goal to revive by focusing on regenerative and biostimulatory therapies. Restoring collagen will address many common concerns such as volume loss, skin quality/laxity, and fine lines.


Step 1 Prime, Revive and Restore treatments can include: 

An example of a multi-modal treatment may consists of Sculptra, PRP and PDRN therapies spaced one months apart. 


We then further treat  areas of concern such as pigmentation, loose skin, wrinkles, excess fat and facial balance/definition to further accentuate your features and refine your aesthetic goals. 


Step 2 Treat, Accentuate and Refine treatments can include: 

An example of a multi-modal treatment may consists of Enlighten, RF Microneedling and CO2 laser spaced one months apart. 

Lastly our membership program offers medical facials and medical grade skincare products and much more to help you maintain your "skinvestments" and to enhance treatment results throughout your journey, as we take steps closer to a renewed  you.


Step 3 Maintain, Enhance and Renew treatments can include: 

An example of a multi-modal treatment may consists of Hydrafacial, Dysport, Botox or Xeomin and Enlighten PICO Genesis performed in a sequence in one treatment or spaced one months apart. 

Schedule a complimentary consultation to speak with one of our experienced aesthetic nurses to start your aesthetics journey with Artistry Wellness Hawaii.

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