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Live Freely

"Trusted by dermatologists. Loved by skin. Because we are in it for life."

EltaMD's roots date back to the 1800’s, in rural Switzerland, with a powerful healing ointment that was passed down by farmers for generations. In 1988, that Swiss secret made its way to the US and a line of professional wound care products called Elta was born. That line soon became the trusted choice in healing at hospitals, burn centers and rehabilitation clinics around the world. EltaMD transformed their medical heritage and science-backed formulas to everyday products everyone loves today.


With over 30 years of innovation, EltaMD partnered with dedicated dermatologists and created sun and skin care products you can trust through it all. The result is a line of products that are so safe, effective, and clean. EltaMD keeps your skin healthy and gorgeous, for life.

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