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Our Team


Dr. Bradley Kuo


Medical Director/Owner

Bradley is Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  


The vision of a medspa was conceived during his research collaboration with Leina. With deep roots in nursing, hospice and mental health, Artistry Wellness Hawaii offers self care, a key piece of mental health often neglected.


Bradley enjoys sushi, family time and Netflix! His happy place is sipping on a glass of wine or enjoying a cup of latte while gazing into the raw landscapes of New Zealand.


Leina Chang


Aesthetic Nurse/Owner

Leina is a Registered Nurse with two decades of experience, and trained in emergency/trauma care as well as aesthetic procedures.


Leina is the original founder of Artistry Wellness Hawaii and is delighted to be a part of a team that focuses on helping clients reach their beauty, health, and wellness goals!


In her spare time, Leina enjoy family time, beach days (in the shade with plenty of sunscreen!), hiking, traveling, and especially spa days with the girls!


Laura Laniauskas


Aesthetic Nurse/Owner

Laura is a Registered Nurse for 11 years specializing in emergency and trauma care.


Her journey to becoming an aesthetic nurse began with her own skin struggles. Laura sought help from a friend in the aesthetics field. Her passion for and knowledge of the industry inspired Laura to pursue the medical aesthetics field herself.


Laura is a self-acclaimed nerd when it comes to learning! She loves to learn and use those knowledge and skills toward helping clients find better versions of themselves and feel more confident, inside and out.


When Laura is not working or learning more about aesthetics, she enjoy beach days (with a hat and lots of sunscreen on of course), paddle boarding, hiking, spending time with her hubby and their friends and family, working on their new house, and gardening.


Kim Matsunaga


Aesthetic Nurse/Owner

Kim is a Registered Nurse specializing in emergency, aesthetics, and perioperative/surgical care.


Her passion for skincare and beauty led her to the field of medical aesthetics. Kim worked for a plastic surgeon while in nursing school leading her to becoming an aesthetic injector/owner at Artistry Wellness Hawaii.


Kim believes in a multimodal approach when it comes to medical aesthetics and her motto is "When you look good, you feel good!"


Kim enjoys trying out new restaurants, shopping, and hanging out with her pets. She is also a loyal LA Dodgers fan!

IMG_0622 2.jpeg

Erik Kuo

D. Arch

Business Manager/Owner

Erik is known as the Renaissance man. After earning his Doctorate of Architecture degree, he spent two years studying Culinary and Pastry Arts and participated in several culinary competitions.


Erik's love for working with people led him to the customer service industry with Apple and is currently working as a flight attendant with Hawaiian Airlines while manages Artistry Wellness Hawaii as well as Wellness Partners Hawaii.


Erik has a combined customer service experience of over 10 years. Erik enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, photography, crocheting and figure skating. 

SPham Photo Edited_edited.jpg

Stephanie Pham


Aesthetic Nurse

Stephanie is a Registered Nurse with 10+ years of experience in Medical-Surgical and Telemetry care.  


Driven from her own experience with skin issues, it drove her desire to learn all things skin care and beauty. Stephanie is passionate about aesthetics and skin care and loves to share her knowledge with others to drive positive change.


Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, and her dog.  She loves to travel the world and experience different cultures and cuisines....Some may call her a super foodie as well. In her quiet times away from nursing, aesthetics, and family, she loves to watch cooking videos and home improvement shows in her zen place.

RCheong Headshot.jpeg

Rayna Cheong


Aesthetic Nurse

Rayna is a Registered Nurse with 10+ years of experience in Acute Medical-Surgical and Telemetry care. 


Rayna has always enjoyed working with people, and is excited to combine her knowledge in the science of nursing with her passion for beauty, aesthetics, and skincare. She is committed to help empower others to look and feel their best in their own skin, provide education on the best care and outcome, and to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. 


When Rayna isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, cooking, traveling, and working out. She loves sports, music, and quality time with her family and friends. 

Team : Meet the Team
Jamie Bio Photo.jpg

Jamie Kohl


Aesthetic Nurse

Jamie has almost a decade of experience as a registered nurse trained in ER/Trauma which has fueled her individualized approach to Aesthetics and the importance of self-care. She incorporates beauty with graceful aging, and is passionate about helping her clients achieve natural results.


She has always had a creative and artistic eye from painting along with Bob Ross as a child to DIY-ing almost anything. She will be the first to tell you that her happy place is the great outdoors and she loves all things ocean sports and anything that gives her the chance to nerd out about sun protection. She can also be found hanging with her dog, reading a good mystery novel, or listening to a true crime podcast. 


Jonathan Dent


Aesthetic Nurse

Jonathan is a Registered Nurse with 10+ years of experience in Trauma, Emergency Services and other various patient care services. He has always enjoyed helping people on their journey of healing and health. Jonathan found his love for aesthetics when he first began his own aesthetic journey here at Artistry Wellness Hawaii. A better aesthetic health paved the way for him to regain his self-confidence, self-love and lead to an overall happier living. With an extensive background in customer service and a growing passion for aesthetics, Jonathan strives to help guide and foster others as they embark on their aesthetic journey to their best self.


In his downtime, Jonathan enjoys traveling with friends and is always on the hunt for the best new food spots on island. His current education goals are to continue to improve his knowledge of the latest and greatest in aesthetic technologies

and advancements with a focus on ensuring clients are comfortable, understand their treatment options, learn how to care for themselves and feel beautiful no matter where they are in their own journey to self. 

MBarcelona Photo_edited.jpg

Madison Barcelona


Reception Administrative Support

Madison is a CNA as well as a full-time student at Chaminade Uiversity. Her goal career is to become a NICU neonatal nurse(RN) but in the meantime she’s taking a dive into the aesthetic world.


Madison has worked in customer service for 3 years before coming to Artistry Wellness Hawaii. She has always found a passion for skincare from struggling with her own skin problems leading her to Artistry Wellness Hawaii and the aesthetic industry.


In Madison’s free time she loves going to the gym every day, playing volleyball, hiking, going to the beach (while wearing plenty sunscreen), baking, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

JPayne Photo_edited.jpg

Jennie Payne

Reception Administrative Support

Jennie is a personal trainer and fascia stretch therapist with a B.S. in Exercise Science. She has been a fitness coach for the past 10 years and loves empowering her clients to develop sustainable habits that will provide longevity in their health and fitness journey. 


Her passion for helping people look and feel their best has led to her pursuit of a second degree in nursing. She plans to become an RN specializing in cosmetics. In the meantime, she's hoping to learn as much as she can from the esteemed nursing team at Artistry Wellness Hawaii. Who knows, maybe one day she'll be one of our injectors!


When she's not working out, Jennie enjoys surfing, roller skating, dancing, and she travels every chance she gets. Jennie also models occasionally and is currently learning to be on the other side of the camera as a photographer.

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